We like fresh and naturally irresistible ingredients. We are satisfied with only the best.


We are passionate about cooking. Each of our specialties is made with care and cooked with love.


We love to deliver our fresh products quickly to make them appreciate all the unforgettable goodness.

What do we do

Our specialties include the best Sicilian pastry and many other unique and ancient goodness that we never tire of turning out of the oven every day.

Tipical desserts

The best Sicilian pastry is served! From taralli to totò, from small talk to assorted almond pastries, we bring to the table all the taste of the most authentic and archaic Sicily.


From milk biscuits for breakfast to traditional Christmas biscuits: fragrant, soft, fragrant, dry, traditional, here you can find all tastes. And without preservatives.

Panettone and Colombe

Real masterpieces 100% handmade, fragrant and tasty, soft, soft and naturally leavened, traditional and with unexpected taste combinations.


Sourdough bread, with cereals, from Timilia, with special flours and much more, made according to ancient baking techniques. A bread to taste, just like you always wanted it.

Our products

Let yourself be enchanted by our products and be overwhelmed by goodness.

Make your palate dream with our products!

One of Barrafranca’s oldest bakeries

Since 1950 our bakery, nestled in the streets of the old town of Barrafranca, in the heart of Sicily without sea, churns every day, tirelessly and with extreme passion, bread, diner, biscuits and typical sweets. For seventy years:

  • We constantly try to overcome ourselves and make top-quality products by intoxicating with our perfumes the streets of our small country;
  • We pass on the goodness of the ancient Sicilian recipes of typical local sweets and experience new and irresistible taste combinations;
  • We delight the most demanding palates with retail and catering, on site, but also throughout Italy and abroad.

We have 70 years of experience

Our history began in Barrafranca (EN),with Angelo Mulara and his Bakery San Giuseppe, in the fifties, among the blocks of sabucina, olive trees, the yellow of the fields and the smell of bread that mixes with that of the zagare in the spring.

And since then, even though the bakery has changed its name, it has never stopped. Over the years we have always distinguished ourselves: the hands smeared with flour and the unbridled passion for our work.



Some of the frequently asked questions.

Are your products really fresh?

Our products are made in order received, with high quality raw materials and are shipped as soon as they are baked.

Are your products 100% Sicilian?

We produce our products one by one in our workshop, in the old town of Barrafranca, a small village nestled in the hills of the Sicilian hinterland. We use almost exclusively high-quality Sicilian raw materials and our recipes take up the most authentic confectionery tradition on the island.

Are the products in the catalog always available?

The availability of products in the catalog may vary depending on the periods of the year and the seasonality of the raw materials. There are exclusive products, however, that are only available in the catalogue for a limited time. To not miss these sweet news just sign up for our newsletter.

Can I order a product even if not in the catalog?

Yes, we accept orders to meet special or large requests.

What are the expected shipping times?

We deliver our products in just 2/3 days to ensure that they maintain all their freshness and goodness.

How can I pay for my purchases?

You can pay with PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or marking, absolutely securely.

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